Essential Structural Analysis

Static Analysis

It includes consequences of steady-state which means the design will survive/behave as requested under boundary conditions or will not. Static analysis does not depend on the time. Static analysis may not give enough respond to request if there is a time dependent analysis.

Dynamic Analiysis

It is used to specify of design’s and components’ dynamic behaviours. Unlike Static analysis, dynamic analysis depends on the time, and inertia and damping of the structure are dramatically important in dynamic analyzes.

Dynamic behaviours of the structure may be one or more of the following;

  • Vibration properties
  • The effect of harmonic loads
  • The effects of seismic and shock loads
  • The effect of random loads
  • The effect of time dependent loads

Every situation, which are written above, is considered a specific analysis conditions.

  1. Modal Analysis: Modal analysis is used to calculate vibration characteristic features of a building.
  2. Harmonic-response Analysis: Harmonic- response analysis module is used to calculate for specifying a building’s behaviours when it is under load.
  3. Random- vibration Analysis: Random-vibration analysis module is used to specify of structure’s respond when it is applied random vibration loads.
  4. Response-spectrum Analysis: Response-spectrum analysis module is used to calculate the respond of structure’s behaviour under an earthquake load.
  5. Transient Analysis: Transient analysis module is used to calculate the respond of loads which depend on the time.

Linear/Non-Linear Analyzes

Linear structural analysis is preferred if the structure is wanted to behave as linear. In these kind of analyzes, stress and strain are directly proportional. When the forces that cause deformation are removed in these analyzes, the structure is expected to recover. End of the analysis, it is determined that the material has reached or passed the yield stress or ultimate stress.

Every structure would not display linear behaviour. Non-linear analysis is preferred if the stress of structure reachs or pass’ the yield stress of material when boundary conditions are applied.