About Me

Yasin was born in Istanbul. He graduated from Sultanahmet technical and industrial vocational high school in 2011. During his high school life, he interested about CAD/CAM sector. He completed his internship for seven months in computer aided manufacturing sector which he worked with computer numeric control machines. After high school graduation, his university life began in Mechanical Engineering department of Marmara University in 2011.

He started to work in computer aided engineering and design department in a company which is one of the official SolidWorks distributors in Turkey when his third year in university. During his university life, he created several engineering and design projects. As an example of two projects are called “Air Deflector Machine Design” and “Thermoelectric Module Design and Productivity”. Also, he organized and joined many activities such as conference, events, exploring different cultures and abroad travelling during his university life.

He graduated from Marmara University in 2016 as a mechanical engineer, he continued to work in Computer Aided Engineering department until end of the April 2018. During his professional business life in this company, he has done a wide range of engineering and design projects within the scope of engineering services for companies in different sectors. These sectors include construction, ventilation, heating-cooling, structural elements, machining, crane structures and etc. Likewise, there are different sectors.

He completed his compulsory military service between May 2018 and May 2019. In the rest of 2019, he provided engineering consultancy services to companies. In 2020, he went abroad and completed his foreign language education. Since his abroad education completed, he has been consulting as a finite element analysis engineer.