CAM means Computer Aided Manufacturing. In more recent times, G codes were being written by human beings. There were some limits to write these codes due to geometry and form. In today’s our modern world, softwares are the most effective way to get G codes for machines. CAM softwares define surfaces and geometry of data and process convenient toolpaths (G codes). After G codes are created, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines read and perceive these codes for machining. CAM is the major part of manufacturing that eases the personal workforce, provide surface quality as requested, and give companies the opportunity to manage their time more effectively.

WorkNC is a CAD/CAM software which can manage processes from 2 axis to 5 axis. It is the one of the best softwares for surfaces and solid models according to molding and manufacturing processes.


Engineers are able to create toolpaths of 3 axis, 3+2 axis, and absolute 5 axis processes simultaneously with WorkNC Auto 5. Easy programmable interface would help users to create 5 axis programing without any complicated process. Smart toolpaths prevent unexpected tool collisions automatically and dynamically, and control convenient conditions of machine’s rotation limits. With WorkNC Auto 5, smooth and fluent 5 axis toolpaths would be calculated. In this case, short rigid tools could be used and workpiece can be processed with single clamp.

Here are some of my projects:

2.5 Axis

2.5 axis processes are applied on these workpieces. These parts are processed more than one milling cutter therefore, different reference axes are supposed to be defined for each single cutter.

  • Die Flats Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Facing Toolpaths.
  • Pocketing Toolpaths.
  • 2.5-Eksen Die Flats Finishing
    2.5-Axis Die Flats Finishing
  • Facing Toolpaths.
  • Pocketing Toolpaths.
  • 2.5-Eksen Facing
    2.5-Axis Facing

3 Axis

3 axis processes are applied on these workpieces. All these three axes are able to have simultaneous moving at the same time. Convenient toolpaths are created according to geometry and form of parts.

  • Global Rough Toolpaths.
  • 3D Drive Curve Finishing Toolpaths.
  • 3D Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Flat Surface Finishing Toolpaths.
  • 3-Eksen Global Rough
    3-Axis Global Rough
  • 3D Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Planar Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Z-Level Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Optimized Z-Level Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Between 2 Curves Toolpaths.
  • Planar Finishing
    3-Axis Planar Finishing
  • 3D Finishing Toolpaths.
  • 3-Eksen 3D Finishing
    3-Axis 3D Finishing

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