Hand Grenade:

  • Hand grenade is one of most used bomb for assault and defence. In this analysis, the effects of hand grenade explosion on 10mm thick armor are aimed to simulate.

Mine Blast:

  • Mine blast is one of most dangerous situations for armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles. In this analysis, ballistic mine blast are simulated which is hidden under asphalt.

Urban Blast:

  • In this analysis, ballistic urban blast is simulated in an urban area. The destructive effect of the blast after the explosion can be observed.

Explicit Dynamics

Fizzy Drink Box Explosion:

  • In this analysis, material failed with the effect of the forging but this is not the main reason and answer for why the material failed. Material failed because of the liquid pressure. The structure can not hold the pressure of liquid in the box after the stick forged the metal box.

Bird Strike:

  • One of the most dangerous situations in aviation industry is bird strikes. This kind of accidents are nightmare for airplanes. In this analysis, bird strike on the wing is simulated with SPH method.


  • In this analysis, the aim is to get shaped this plate according to form of mold. Reaction force needs to be obtained that how many Newtons force are required to forge this plate. In the first analysis, spring back effect on the workpiece is obvious. In this case mold size might be redesigned to force the workpiece as desired with spring back effect. Otherwise, male mold needs to be waited longer on the plate until the kinetic energy is absorbed if the mold size could not redesigned.
Displacement of male mold on Y axis
Displacement of male mold on Y axis

Cutting Tool / Milling:

  • Milling is the most used cutting method in CAM. In this analysis, cutting tool is analysed. Cutting tools work under high range impact loads and, they must be warranted not to break or fail under declared impact loads of cutting process.


  • In this analysis, critical members of gearwheel system are analysed which are called gear teeth. Analysis results are focused on gear teeth.

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